iPad based POS System

POS system does not have to be bulky and expensive. We carry only iPad based POS system for numbers of reasons.


Why iPad?

-Affordable, By using widely available iPad we managed to bring down cost of the system.
-Stylish, Sleek modern look promote your business image.
-Friendly, simple friendly apple interface greatly reduces staff training hassles.


Which apps?

Our system is available in both MobiPOS or RemotePOS(Coming soon), they both are an excellent POS apps but you will need to pick carefully which apps to go with.


Comparison Table(*Price is subject to changes without notification.)



remotePos logo2



Cost per licence AU$75.00 (One off payment) From $35.00/Month FREE?
Staff training requirement Minimum Reasonable Reasonable
Ease of use Excellent Good Excellent
Reliability Excellent Good Excellent
GPS tracking for mobile food service. No Yes No
Online ordering No Yes No
Online reporting Email only Yes Yes
Restaurant, cafe, pub Excellent Good Good
Retail stores No Yes Yes
Tyro compatibility No Yes No
Xero compatibility No Yes Yes

MobiPOS has been around for quiet a long time and it does what is expected as POS system and the best thing about this apps is it’s proven reliability and simplicity.  If you are running a restaurant and only want a basic functions of POS with minimal cost, this could be what you’ve been after.

RemotePOS is fairly new apps with lots of functions and features like online ordering, Table Top ordering system, detailed report through dashboard and many more to go with, but it may not as simple and user friendly as MobiPOS. Their apps is being updated frequently and improving quickly, they are also very initiative with 3rd party integration like XERO accounting system, Tyro payment terminals and many more. If you are a business owner who wants to make use of those latest technologies, this could be the perfect apps for the job.

Square Register is one of the few Free apps available in market, It is very simple. However this is designed for small retail or food business. May not be suitable for food business with big/complex menu.




256We are a certified hardware provider/specialist of MobiPOS.

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deviceRemotePOS is COMING SOON!