DX-70 (Multi “Tsuma” cutter)


Applications:Garnishes (Tsuma),thin width slicing
(Katsura-muki),meshes(Ami-zukuri)/option parts


・Can peel into max 11cm width thin slicing(Katsura-muki)
・Optional mesh maker attachment can make your dish more creatively.
Multi tsuma cutter
●Accessory/comb blade (Standard size of 1.2mm)
※You may choose the comb blade’s width size from below.
●Options/Mesh maker attachment
comb blade width size (0.8・1.0・1.2・1.5・2.0・3.0・4.0mm etc.)
●Custom-made width size 5・10・15・50mm also available.
■ Dimensions:W380×L310×H210(mm)
■ Electricity Power:220V/110W 50Hz
■ Weight:7.6kg
■ Operating Time:20min
■ Processing capacity:Using 1.2mm size cut
Japanese radish’s garnish 5pcs/5min
■ Adjustment of thickness: Fixed at 0.7mm
( Possible for choosing the comb blade’s width size you like.)

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