DX-50/ DX-50B/ DX- (Multi slicer mini)





・Ultra-high speed planetary motion of round blade (6000rpm/1min) amazingly process in speedy.
・Easy cleaning and maintenance from the compact design.
・This trumpet-type insertion slot which is suited to spring onions.
・Insert spring onions by grabbing the part near their roots.
・Applicable to “Kujo” green onions.
・Suited for Japanese-ramen (Chinese noodles)topped with sliced leeks.
・Using ultra-high speed planetary motion system of round blade and bottom to top cutting system

DX-50 (Multi slicer mini)/ Applications:slicing leeks/long green onions

DX-50B (Multi slicer mini (Trumpet-type insertion slot))/Applications:cutting spring onions into ring

DX-55 (Sasagaki Slicer Mini)/ Applications:shaving burdock roots,slicing leeks diagonally



●Options/Shaving cut cover
(for cutting leeks/long green onions into diagonal) Trumpet-type insertion cover(for cutting spring onions)
round blade sharpener

■ Dimensions:W220×L340×H370(mm)
■ Insertion Slot:95×38(mm)(Deformed semicircular)
■ Electricity Power:220V/110W 50Hz
■ Weight:5kg
■ Operating Time:20min
■ Processing capacity:Cut leeks/long green onions into
1mm ring cutting 30pcs/5min
■ Thickness adjustment:0.3~5.0mm
( Stepless adjustment)


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