Repair and Warranty Term and Condition

Warranty Term and Condition

-We reserve the right to refuse service or warranty claim for any reason.  At the sole discretion of us. (This form is not to guarantee warranty claim will be approved.)

-Please make sure your machines is packed properly to avoid further damage.
-We do not take any responsibility to any loss, stolen or damage caused during transportation of machine.

-Shipping cost does not include in warranty or repair claim.

– Terms and conditions are subject to change at any time without notice.








6.経時変化により発生した不具合 (塗装面、メッキなどの自然体色・さび亀裂など)




10.     消耗品(パッキンやゴム類などの消耗による不具合)

11.     電話代・運賃台等修理に付随するもの及び休業補償並びに・機械を使用できなかったことによる損失等の結果として発生する損害


Warranty Exclusion

1.Claim from other than original purchaser.

2.Usage beyond manufacturer design.

3.Damage/ defect caused by misuse, not following instruction.

4.Damage from inappropriately stored or maintained. Or damage caused by not carried out reasonable maintenance.

5. Any machines repaired or disassembled by third party without consent of Dremax Japan and Bluering Systems.

6.Any wear and tear from usage and aging. (Defects of Color, paint, chrome coating, rusting and minor crack.)

7.Any reasonable detereation which may not affect functionality and its purpose. (Noise, vibration, grease spills)

8.Any damage caused by natural disaster (Flooding, typhoon, fire, Accidents)

9.Machines not carried out regular maintenance recommended by manufacturer.

10.     Any parts may wear by regular use (O-rings, rubber parts, blade)

11.     Any cost involve by not being able to use machine. E.G Cost of any form of communication ,transportation..